Stepping onto the metal plate was all to much for Blaze. The week went passed by so quickly Blaze couldn’t tell apart what was real or fake. Everything was just a haze to him. His goodbye with Bayleigh last night comforted him, his last feeling of a human compassion has left him. Looking back at his stylist she had nothing left to say to him, all the advice she could give him she had already said. Nothing more would leave her lips; she couldn’t help him anymore. In a matter of seconds the glass case is filling the space around his body. Leaving him trapped within the glass. "Here goes nothing" The plate begins to rise from the ground. A gust of wind strikes Blaze’s face as his head barely pops up from the ground. 

Now standing on the soil of the arena, he had 60 seconds to spare before he able to step off the the metal plate. He used this time to plan what he would do, but nothing had passed through his mind. It was completely blank. The only thing that had popped into his mind was that there was no cornucopia which meant no blood bath. He was thankful for this. 










Before Blaze had even realized what was happening, the sound of the gong sent a shutter through his body. It what time to think fast. Yet, as he was running into the forest he hears something crash right down in front of him. "What the…" Blaze quickly turns around and sees a golden parachute to the right of him with his name on it. He picks it up and opens the golden parachute to only find 2 neon fanny packs in it.



Flickerman: Well if it isn’t Blaze Ferrel! You look so much like your father Don. It feels like he was only here yesterday! 

Response: Oh, well, why thank you. I think my father is proud to have his genes run down to me. -chuckles and gives a sly smile- 

Flickerman: We all know that your father is a past victor in the games. So how does it feel to be a past victor’s son? Do you feel like you have received any special treatment from that? 

Response: I feel very lucky and blessed to have such a courageous past victor as my father. My father has given me and everything and much more. I thank him everyday for that by being the best son I could be. Do I think I get any special treatment from being a past victor’s son? Of course I do, I would be lying if I didn’t. I don’t deserve any of it though, it was something I was born into, none of it do I deserve. -Blaze crosses one leg over the other as he places his hand on top of his left knee while giving a modest smile-

Flickerman: In the training center you were seen charming two girls in particular. Blair and Cora, I believe. Did you walk up to them intentionally hoping to make an alliance? Or were you just being friendly? 

Response: I had no intention at all of making an alliance. It was purely just friendly chatter. If talk about an alliance popped up. That was nothing on me. It was all part of conversation. -Blaze gives a small shrug- Nothing intentional, I was certainly just trying to get to know other tributes while I could. -Blaze lets a laugh escape his lips-

Flickerman: Being the only child growing up, were you ever lonely at times? While at home, you had no siblings to talk to. All you had was your parents, was that ever enough for you? 

Response: I suppose at times I was lonely, but only were my parents were out having a good time in town and I was stuck at home busy with homework. If I wasn’t busy with homework, I was with my friends out in town, so most of the time I was never lonely. My parents were enough for me, I love them more than anything. I don’t need anything, but my parents and that is alright with me. 

Flickerman: Lets get back to the training center. You really didn’t do much, well of course you were busy learning about plants and tying knots, yes there was plenty of that, but why did you avoid the weapons? Are you hiding a talent of yours? 

Response: The truth is Flickerman, I’m not very good with weapons. It’s something I didn’t spend my time in District 3 learning about. It’s all fun and games, until it’s not. I mean, I don’t want to get myself thinking that the fun in the training center is going to be like in the arena because it won’t. I don’t want to get my hopes up high if the weapon I spent the most learning about isn’t there to choose from. I want to learn other ways to fend for myself. Weapons isn’t the only way to survive in the arena. 


The Stylist knows best.

Stylist: Arista

Assistants: Misha, Dev, & Floyd 

Blaze strolled to District 3’s stylist station where he would meet his very own stylist. Walked into the station that had Blaze Ferrel printed on the door. He sat down on the metal platform that was lying in the middle of the room. He waited for a few moments before he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” He answered. 

"Hello there Blaze, I’m Arista, your stylist and these are Misha, Dev and Floyd, my assistants of course.  Lets get started now shall we? Misha, Dev, Floyd, don’t do anything with this boy he’s perfect already. Its not often when we have a tribute who is perfect already. All I want you to do is fetch him some water and pills then after that I want you to massage hair gel into his hair and thats it. Nothing more, he’s already stunning as he is." Dev, Flod, and Misha do as their told. Dev goes to fetch the pills and water while Misha and Floyd begin on Blaze’s hair. 

"So Blaze, I was thinking that this year we’d make District three seem tron like. Yes, something interesting and different this year. It hasn’t been done before so it will catch everyone’s attention, I’m sure of it! This, this is what you’ll be wearing for the chariot entrance." Arista said with glee. Arista pulls out a black tron suit and lays it out on the table. "Ha, I think everyone’s eyes will be glued on me no matter what. What can I say, I am a looker. You said so yourself." Blaze said with a grin. "Oh, well aren’t you just a charmer." Arista giggled. 

Dev came back with the pills and water. “Here take this.” She demanded. 

"Oh, uh, what are they for?" Blaze asked. "They stop body hair from growing while you’re in the arena. We wouldn’t want a scruffy looking Blaze, now wouldn’t we?" Dev laughed. 

"I suppose not." Blaze laughed along with. They continued to work on Blaze even though there really wasn’t much to work on. It was just touch ups he supposed. He couldn’t help but think that he was actually getting along with his stylist and prep team. Which was weird for him, he didn’t think that he could ever get along with anyone from that Capitol. It seemed impossible to him but it looks like now that the impossible has just happened. 

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Raylene Sheridan: Bayleigh already left her family, kissing them goodbye & they wished... →

Bayleigh already left her family, kissing them goodbye & they wished her luck.
She stepped on the train and was automatically breath-taken at how gorgeous it was, they never had anything like this in District 3. She entered the first room of the train to find District Three’s male tribute,…

Blaze noticed Bayleigh as soon as she entered the train. He could easily tell she was trying hard not to make eye contact. It was what girls did in District 3 whenever the came upon a past victor’s son. She was tall with beautiful long chocolate brown hair. She finally made eye contact and sat down across from him. At first things were quite until she broke the ice. She said This train. Pretty huh? Oh, yeah….. he was saying until Raylene entered the train and started talking up a storm. “So you say we make sure we don’t die? Yeah alright that sounds like a plan but you have to make sure you get me a hell of a lot of sponsors!” He smirked Oh and yes its nice to meet you as well Raylene. 


The train ride, @Bayleigh & @Raylene

Blaze had just finished up saying his goodbye with his parents and of course his friends. The peace keepers escorted him to the train. He froze at the footsteps of the train amazed of how beautifully designed it was. He stood there frozen in place until the peace keepers had to practically push him into the train. The doors closed behind but the train didn’t move. He wondered why so he decided to go check it out. Within the few minutes of checking out the train he realized he was the first one to enter the train. He sat down on a plush couch in a sitting room fiddling with his flawless porcelain hands as he waited for the female tribute and mentor to enter the train. 


Morning of the reaping.

"Good morning son, today is your day." his father smiled at him "Today is not my day father don’t ever say anything like that again. Unlike you I don’t want to chosen as a tribute." Blaze said getting dressed in his room "Now why is that" His father said sternly "Because father, I can’t see myself hurting anyone just for the capitol’s idea of fun. I won’t win like you did, I just can’t." 

"Don’t be foolish son, you will be a victor just like your father." His father said as Blaze walked down the stairs and walking towards the front door. "Oh then we will just have to see about that. Now won’t we, father? Blaze said as he closed the door behind him before his father could answer. 

Moments later Blaze was at the reaping waiting for names to be called he could see his father and mother waiting on the other side smiling with joy. He turned his head at the sight of it and focused his attention on Raylene, district three’s mentor. Oh how he always thought she was just a piece of the capitol brought back to district 3. He was lost in his train of thought as the female tribute was chosen. He had only snapped back into reality when Raylene had stuck her hand in the male tribute’s glass bowl. 


Flash back #1

It was after school and Blaze was walking home with his best friends Davie and Kris. School was let out early for the 68th annual hunger games, Blaze was eager to get back home with Davie and Kris. Their friend Ross was a tribute for this years hunger games and they didn’t want to miss a second of his interview. “Do you think he’s going to choke under pressure?” Davie laughed “Not a chance! Ross is a natural at talking there is no way he’ll freeze up. Unless….. Caesar Flickerman decides to dye his hair hot pink this year. Then there is no way that Ross can take Caesar seriously with that color of choice.” Kris says. “Right… oh come on you have to give Ross a little more credit than that! I’m pretty sure that Ross can talk up a storm even with Caesar’s hair pink.” Blaze says reassuringly Before Blaze can continue a group of girls walk over to them and start chatting to them. Blaze was not paying attention to them he never did. He knew exactly why girls had always came up to him and his friends. It was for only one reason. Kris, Davie and Blaze we all past victor’s children. The victor’s children always grabbed the attention from the girls in town, the girls would tend to offer sex just so they could brag about it to all of their friends. Yet, Blaze knew that if he was going to have sex he wanted it out love and not something like this. 

"Hey guys I’ll just catch up with you later, I don’t want to miss any part of Ross’ interview." He tells them as he dashes home hoping he didn’t miss it. He opens the door as sees the capitols symbol show up on his television screen. "Perfect, made home just in time." he mumbled to himself. He kicks off his shoes and sits on the couch just as the girl from district one appears on the screen in her magenta all covered in gems dress. Wow he thought to himself as he waited for his friend Ross to appear.    


The night before the reaping.

Blaze was down stairs having yet another family night. It was the night before the reaping, Blaze always worried too much on this night. Since his dad was a victor that always increased his chances of being reaped. The capitol sometimes rigged the reaping just to see past victors children enter the arena to see if they could make it out alive. The past 15 years he’s been safe but tonight oh tonight he felt that tomorrow would defiantly be the day he was finally reaped. Tonight couldn’t feel any longer he thought to himself. 

"Blaze? Hello earth to Blaze?" His mother said as she gave Blaze a nudge to the arm. "Huh, what? Oh, I’m sorry I was just zoning out again mother." He tells her. "Thats alright we understand son, you must have a lot on your mind." His father says with a worried look on his face. "Of course, how could I not father. The reaping is tomorrow and I just know my time is up." Blaze was always truthful with his parents he didn’t see the reason why he needed to lie to them. "Oh Blaze you’re not going to be reaped the chances are very slim." his mothers smiles to him "Thats just it mother, the chances are slim for everyone else. I’m a past victor’s son, which makes my chances higher than the others!" He scoffs. "Your chances are just as good as anyone else’s don’t worry about it son, you’ll be fine." He father says. "No, father I won’t be fine. What if I do get reaped I don’t think I can even bare the though of killing someone with my own hands." He says weakly. "Heres what you do son, do exactly what I did, blow everyone up. You know your way around technology. No other district knows more about it than District 3." He tells him. 

"There is that option but I just can’t…..oh what is the use. I can’t handle this conversation any longer. I’m going to bed, goodnight." He says as he walks back up stairs to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him he walks over to his window, blankly looking through it he starts thinking about the reaping and what tomorrow will bring.